It’s over – VICTORY IS OURS!


but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security; those who sought to destroy the Restrictions have not given up their intent. They have a powerful motive … to increase their profit margins.


At a Federal ALP Cabinet meeting last night, the proposed changes to the copyright laws governing the Parallel Importation of Books were rejected.  Dr Craig Emerson’s office sent out a Press Release early this morning. PRESS RELEASE

We’ve had over 10,000 hits on this site since we set it up to oppose the removal of PIRs.

This just goes to show the importance of this issue and the fact that so many people have been concerned about the ramifications to any changes in the laws.

Authors, publishers, printers, agents and many independent booksellers have combined to reject the removal of PIRs. Hopefully, everyone in these areas of the industry will continue to work together to support our existing industries and embrace any positive changes for the future – whatever they may be.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported this cause: authors, publishers, agents, printers, various trade unions, readers, parents, teachers, librarians, grandparents.

In particular we pass on our gratitude to those politicians who stuck out their necks to publicly support our cause: ALP Federal MPs: Arch Bevis, Steve Gibbons and Graham Perrett; and also the Australian Greens’ Senators, Christine Milne and Scott Ludlam.

We could not have done it without you.

Just a cautionary note amidst the celebrations: Australian booksellers, and this includes Dymocks Bookstores are under enormous pressure from the huge, retail discount stores – Woolworths and Coles, KMart, Big W and Target. It is up to Australian booklovers to support the authentic booksellers or they will go under!

Do your bit to support Australian bookshops and the people who know about books …  resist the temptation to save a couple of dollars at the discount stores, pay a little more at a real bookshop.

Thank you from all the authors behind the SAVING AUSSIE BOOKS blog campaign:

Dee White     Sheryl Gwyther    Kathryn Apel    Sally Murphy    Angela Sunde    Sharyn Lilley   Kim Rackham    Sandy Fussell   Nicole Murphy  Maree Kimberley    Meryl Harris    Trish Puddle




22 thoughts on “It’s over – VICTORY IS OURS!

  1. I think it’s hard for Austrailan publishers to navigate the emerging field of eBooks because of the wide variety of devices, different ways of getting content onto them, and different meta-data requirements. I’ve just started up an Australian eBook Publishing assistance brand here:

    It will take time for the Australian public to be buying enough eBooks for publishers to be able to justify the time-cost and expense of producing eBooks. But I for one am getting in early because I think this trend isn’t going to go away.

  2. Woohoo!! Sense has prevailed! But please, everyone respond to The Oz’s ridiculously overblown, cynical and self-interested stories/leader/opinion pieces in today’s issue. Unbelievable.

  3. What a wonderful reminder about the role of writers in society. Cardigan-carrying or not, we will be heard.

    Congratulations to all those who were brave enough and hard-working enough, to make a difference. Stay vigilant. Be vocal. Australia needs you.

  4. Whoo hoo! What a relief. Thank you to everyone who has done their bit, big or small, to push this in to the public eye and help the pollies see sense (though I suspect our reasons are not the same as theirs, judging by the press release).

  5. I think Graham is on the money with regards to ebooks.

    The last three books I purchased were for the Kindle and the distressing thing for me was none of them are actually available to Australians. A quick address change to the U.S.A. fixed that.

    I suppose I should feel bad about it but, not being part of the publishing industry, I don’t feel guilty so long as the author gets paid.

    I’m eagerly awaiting enough Australian publishers getting on board so I can change my address back and still have a decent catalogue. I can only hope this happens sooner than the terrible in-store ebook kiosk idea that was in the papers recently.

  6. I’ve learnt so much on this journey. I’ve learnt we all truly have a voice and an opportunity in this great country to be heard. Thank you to the politicians who listened and understood. Thank you to everyone who posted, emailed, wrote, phoned and spoke in support of our cause. I am elated. It was indeed a privilege and an honour.

  7. What fantastic news. Hooray! A huge thank you from me to the women who started this fight, they are absolutely amazing. I’ve never met such a strong and determined group. They’ve taught me so much and I’m honoured to know them.

    I’ll continue to purchase books at my independent bookstore and guess what my family are getting for Christmas? Yay! Books!

    Hooray for Saving Aussie Books!

  8. Wonderful, wonderful news! Thank-yous to all – from those who fought up front, to those who wrote their letters and quietly had their say. We all made this happen together.

    and YAY YAY YAY – now the industry can let out a collective sigh of relief, and get back to work!

  9. If Dymocks hadn’t joined the Coalition for Bigger Profits, I might feel more sympathetic towards them. As it is, I don’t.

    Now we can turn our attention to a much bigger threat to Australian publishing, writers, culture and even booksellers: ebooks.

    Unless Australian booksellers start selling ebooks – by Australian authors, published in Australia – the whole book market will move overseas.

    Where is the Dymocks equivalent of the Kindle or the Nook? Why don’t Australian online booksellers like Fishpond and Boomerang Books sell ebooks? Where are the Australian ebook publishing houses?

    What is coming will be much worse than the removal of PIRs.

    • You’re right, Graham. This is why I sense our sweet victory is tinged with a taste of lemon – it will pay authors to also keep one eye in the direction where our industry is heading.
      We can’t afford to bury our heads in our books anymore and trust that the industry will do the right thing by authors – those days have long gone. We must keep track of issues that threaten our livelihood in the future. We have a VOICE – and we must use it.
      Sheryl Gwyther

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  11. That is wodnerful news – and certainly goes to show that people power can triumph.
    I agree wholeheratedly with your comments regarding supporting bookstores.

  12. Gulp… I think I’m in shock. What a wonderful result for Australian readers… for Australian identity… for our vital Australian publishing industry.

    Thankyou EVERYONE who has done ANYTHING to influence the decision making on this. Because each and every voice counts.


  13. That’s fantastic news! I am so proud my local member played a part in it – he received my ranting letter so graciously – well, he’s an author, after all…

    A huge thank you to everyone at SAB and elsewhere who worked so hard for this victory for Aussie books!

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