DEADLINE:  16th April 2010

School libraries have steadily lost funding, support and teacher-librarians over the past ten years and the situation has reached crisis point in many schools.

The sorry state of Australian school libraries has happened under the jurisdiction of State and Federal governments of both political persuasion. Over several months, Teacher-Librarians, teachers, parents and authors signed and collected signatures on a petition calling for action.

That group of concerned book lovers is The Hub, Campaign for Quality School Libraries in Australia. They are from NSW, but this is something that affects school libraries all over the country – it is up to concerned people in every State to stand up for our school libraries.  Teacher-Librarians and all those who love children’s books urge you to send in your submission to the Gillard Inquiry into school libraries.


On the 10th March 2010, the Federal Minister for Education, Julia Gillard MP, set up a committee to inquire into and report on school libraries and teacher librarians in Australian schools.

The Committee invites interested persons and organisations to make submissions addressing the terms of reference by Friday 16 April 2010. Please refer to our brochure called preparing a submission for more information.

In order to facilitate electronic publishing of submissions, the Committee would prefer them to be emailed to edt.reps@aph.gov.au or sent on disk or CD-ROM to the Committee Secretariat in Microsoft Word® or Portable Document Format (PDF).



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