Today the Australian Society of Authors put out this bulletin to member authors.

We need your urgent support on the Parallel Importation issue.

We need you and your friends and family (if possible) to contact your local ALP Member of Parliament and your ALP Senators to convey a clear and strong message of support for the recommendations of the ALP’s Working Party on Parallel Imports.

We need you to call the offices of these ALP members before Tuesday of next week.

The Caucus of the federal ALP will meet on Tuesday 27 October to vote on a motion that supports the recommendations of an ALP Working Party.
Those recommendations are a sensible and pragmatic way forward. They reject the Productivity Commission’s recent report and support the retention of Australian territorial copyright.
It has been reported this week that the Australian Booksellers Association (ABA) and the Coalition for Cheaper Books (CCB) have realigned themselves. The good news is that the CCB is no longer calling for the removal of territorial copyright — this means that not one stakeholder now supports the Productivity Commission’s position.
The bad news is that booksellers are now united in calling for a shift of the 30/90-day rules to 7/7-days or (in some reported versions) 7/0-days.
We have made it clear all along in our discussions with Government that the 30-day rule must not be shifted and that to do so would have serious negative effects on the industry.
What we ask you to do.
1. Determine who your local member is. If you don’t know, please go to the Australian Electoral Commission website to determine your federal seat (this can be done using suburb or postcode):IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU MAKE THESE CALLS AND LEAVE THESE MESSAGES TODAY, TOMORROW OR ON MONDAY. After that, may be too late.



Then go to the Federal Parliamentary website to find your local member and their office phone number. The following link is to a list of MPs organised by electorate:


2. If your local member is from the ALP, contact them. Ask to talk to them. If they are not available, ask to talk to their Chief of Staff. Whoever you speak to leave a message explaining you are a constituent and that you strongly support the recommendations of the ALP’s Working Party on Parallel Imports and the retention of the 30-day rule.

3. Do the same with the ALP Senators from your State. Below is a list of Senators arranged by State/Territory:


And here is a list of Senators arranged by political party (As this is an ALP issue, you only need to contact ALP Senators):

You can also bring this email call to action to any of your family, colleagues or friends.

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