It’s interesting to note that Don Grover from the Coalition for Cheaper books argues in today’s Sydney Morning Herald that Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol costs $32.99 in Australia and $19.97 in New Zealand because Parallel Imports are currently in place.

Federal Labor Caucus will debate the Parallel Imports issue next month. This will centre around Bendigo MP, Steve Gibbons’ resolution that caucus approve the ALP Working Party Report arguing that the Productivity Commission has failed to prove book prices will fall if PIRs are removed.

Our investigations have revealed that the $32.99 quoted by Don Grover in the Sydney Morning Herald article is the Dymock’s price; currently $3 more than rivals Angus and Robertson.

Big W-online, a member of the Coalition for Cheaper Books has the Australian edition for a whopping $46.72. The imported editions which are touted as being so much cheaper because of PIRs are in fact $45.76 and $45.39 respectively.

If members of the Coalition for Cheaper Books are charging inflated prices now, what guarantees do we have that they will drop their prices if PIRs are removed?

2 thoughts on “IT DOESN’T ADD UP

  1. When will the coalition learn that you cannot compare apples with bananas? You cannot compare a foreign discount price with a local non-discounted version. Is that the poor, poor burden of proof they rely upon for their argument? No wonder they are unconvincing.

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