‘I’m glad you’re there’ – anti-Parallel Imports postcard

I'm glad you're there

I’m glad you’re there
for me to call

when I’m backed up
against the wall.

DOWNLOAD from the side-bar (Petition/Postcards). Print in postcard format or email with the Anti-Parallel Import message.

Artwork by Kathryn Apel. For use in the campaign against Parallel Imports of Books


PETITIONS need to be signed, collected and returned to:

c/- P.O. Box 236

The Government Working Party will present their findings to Government in several weeks time. Please talk to your own electorate’s Federal MP, especially if she/he is in the Labor Government Cabinet.
For example, the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd; Deputy PM, Julia Gillard; Chris Bowen MP; Lindsay Tanner MP; Craig Emerson MP; Wayne Swan MP etc – check out the list on the side bar.
Sheryl Gwyther


3 thoughts on “‘I’m glad you’re there’ – anti-Parallel Imports postcard

  1. Nancy, one of the biggest expenses I face with my family is groceries. Yet I can remember the rhetoric of cheaper food, with which Paul Keating pushed through the legislation to lower Australia’s import tariffs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Keating I also know how many small, family run market farms went under.

    Lowering the import tariffs left those Australian producers who did survive, at the mercy of the Coles/Woolworths duopoly – who set what fees they like, and do not always pass on their savings to their customers http://au.todaytonight.yahoo.com/article/5671473/consumer/paying-aussie-products-nz

    Given that Coles/Woolworths are major components of the ‘Coalition for Cheaper Books’, what makes you think that books, in the long term, will be cheaper?

  2. One of the biggest expenses for schooling is books. Things are pretty tight for many families at the moment. They should have access to cheaper books. If this is like CDs then the government should not delay in lifting the restrictions.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for your comments, Nancy, and yes, you’ve raised questions that many in the industry have considered.

      I urge you to look through the submissions to the Productivity Commission from Australian text book publishers – it seems that not only will books not be cheaper if the Restrictions are lifted, but it will be more difficult to get good quality text books. http://www.pc.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/85259/sub052.pdf Also an interesting read is this article in The Australian: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25815621-12149,00.html

      Re the music industry since Parallel Imports were allowed for CDs: You’ll be interested in what Mark Seymour, from the Aussie rock band, Hunters & Collectors said recently – ‘The reality is that the Australian music industry is in deep trouble. It has halved in size in the past five to seven years and the fall in the price of CDs is directly attributable to a spectacular decline in demand as a result of digital downloading and copying — it has nothing to do with the removal of import regulations.’ For full article: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/the-book-price-row-rings-too-sadly-familiar-20090709-deln.html

      Scary stuff, indeed, and highlights the untruths that Bob Carr and Allan Fels are saying about the Aussie music industry – things are not good for local content. This is why we’re concerned now about books.
      Sheryl Gwyther – author

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