NOT A HOAX!…anti-Parallel Imports postcard

Not a HOAX!  by Kathryn Apel

Not a HOAX! Artwork by Fletcher, aged 9.

Thank you, Fletcher!


  • Download from the side bar; print off in Postcard size (A6) and distribute with your personal message.

Designed by Kathryn Apel


3 thoughts on “NOT A HOAX!…anti-Parallel Imports postcard

  1. Fabulous work by all contributors to this blog. Great to see the colour cartoons. Any chance that a Send To button could be put on the postcards, along with an automated message in the email with details linking back to the main Saving Aussie Books site, and a summary of the intent behind it? That way, we could forward the postcards to friends who aren’t in the industry and get them involved. Also, an e-petition, perhaps? Or click here to protest against…. We need to make it much easier for people.

    • Thanks, TL. Good idea re an automated message in the email etc. I’ll work out how to do it – the e-petition may be a bit trickier with limited resources. I think the Australian Society of Authors still has an online petition on their site although a bit out of date.
      Thanks for your support, we need all the help we can get.

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