State Politicians Support Parallel Import Restrictions

Guest Blogger:  Dee White – parent, author, reader

I can’t tell you how pleased I was to open the Bendigo Advertiser today and find an impressive piece by Sacha McDougal, ‘Brumby backs books’.

After seeing the likes of ex-NSW Premier, board member of Dymocks Books, Bob Carr turn on the publishing industry, it was so reassuring to know some of our current politicians see the realities behind this issue.

As John Brumby, Premier of Victoria pointed out, significant job losses will occur if Parallel Import Restrictions are removed.

He also said it would ‘put at risk the cultural and economic gains made in the book industry over the past two decades.’

Mr Brumby, you have restored my faith in our ‘democracy’. I hope that your fellow politicians embrace your philosophy of supporting something that is good for the majority in the long run, not just a few highly paid executives looking to further line their own pockets.

Make the most of living in a democracy: write and talk to your Federal Politicians and express your views.

8 thoughts on “State Politicians Support Parallel Import Restrictions

  1. To all those who care about our home and a culture of ‘A Fair-go’ and ‘Participatory Democracy’ and
    SAVING AUSSIE BOOKS from the economic and political agenda of big business corporations. This corporate campaign to do-in Australian authors, small independent publishers and bookshops is being ably run and organised by the giant corporations’ quislings.
    One vocal example of this species is the ex-ALP Premier of NSW, Bob Carr; he is on the board of Dymocks Books. Despite his many years as a member of the ‘political class’ he thinks crossing the floor means a move to the Macquarie Bank.
    Are we prepared to let Coles and Woolworths monopo-lies the economic, political and cultural agendas?
    If not find out more and read on …
    Peter Curtis,
    Primary Teacher, AEU.

    • Peter,

      With these large corporations behind the move to abolish parallel imports on books, it’s no wonder we’re having trouble getting our voices heard.

      I for one, am not prepared to sit back and let these organisations and their representatives monopol-lies our economic, political and cultural agendas.


    • Josephine,

      I too was happy to see that there is some ‘free press’ in this country.

      Unfortunately, we can’t really expect objective reporting from the Rupert Murdoch owned Australian because he also holds financial interests in one of the parties involved in the Coalition for Cheaper Books. He has omitted to make this conflict of interest common knowledge.

      Hooray for the ‘Bendigo Advertiser’ – and for John Brumby.


  2. May there be many more Mr Brumby-ies out there in Political circles!

    I am so glad someone other than teachers, authors and publishers recognises the cultural gains made in the book industry in recent years. It is a pleasure to scan school reading resources and select relevant books that enthuse our Aussie kids.

    That’s how we get our children reading – by giving them stories they can relate to, with experiences they share, in language (and spelling) they understand.

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